Lube Oil & Hydraulic System Flushing Services

Why Oil Flushing?

Contamination from new hydraulic oil, particles left in new pipework or contamination produced by an operating hydraulic or lubrication system can cause major component damage and system downtime. Flushing hydraulic pipework before starting a new or modified system removes harmful contaminants and helps to prevent potential hydraulic system failure on start up. It is widely known that contamination is the largest cause of hydraulic system failure so flushing pipework is important prior to operation.

Comprehensive Oil Flushing Services For Industrial and Marine Applications

Interflex has extensive experience of Oil Flushing with the Hydraulic Pipelines, Industrial Pipe Flushing and Lube Oil Flushing System associated with Industrial, Marine and Offshore installations.

The process will flush contaminants from the piping system by high-turbulence oil velocity circulation, where the contaminant will be effectively trapped in the filter. The Clean Oil after filtration will be pumped back into the piping system to flush out the remaining contaminant, and the process will be repeated continuously until the system is at the required ISO or NAS Cleanliness Codes.

Our typical oil flushing jobs include: steam, gas and hydroelectric turbine lube oil systems, compressors, paper machines, hydraulic systems, EHC governor systems, seal oil systems or any other industrial or marine lube or hydraulic system where flushing and purification is needed.

Quality Assurance. Prompt Service. Quick Delivery.

Interflex bolsters the expertise of our trained and skilled technical sales engineers to provide solutions for every application. And has an excellent warehouse facility that carries large stock inventory ensuring prompt service and quick delivery to our customers. Our strengths lie in having world-renowned products, large inventory and vast industrial engineering expertise.

Our Service Assurance

  • Reduced Unscheduled Downtime
  • Increased Equipment Life
  • Reduced operation costs
  • Improved Reliability
  • Increased Effectiveness

Cleanliness & Certification

Cleanliness of the Hydraulic Oil Flushing Medium is controlled by inline particle counter, capable of identifying real time cleanliness levels of the piping system throughout the flushing process. The hydraulic oil flushing machines can be supplied to perform both flushing and pressure testing in one unit. Our experienced and skilled technical staff guarantees a complete service package that includes the issue of final certification according to NAS code standards.

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