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Piping Solutions

In today's competitive world, the industrial piping systems must be robust, fully supported and be able to expand during various conditions while operational. Moreover, these piping systems should be sufficiently flexible to allow any movements required, thus helping on-site engineers to perform efficiently without any setbacks.

World-Class Expansion Joints & Pipe Support, Hangers

Interflex has been in the industry more than a decade and is well known for its quality products and services. In order to provide continuous service excellence to our clients, we have been partnered with world’s leading manufacturers like MACOGA, PIHASA from Spain for Expansion Joints, Pipe Supports & Hangers respectively.

Expansion Joints

MACOGA has been designing, manufacturing and supplying wide range of Metallic and Rubber expansion joint solutions.

Pipe Hangers

PIHASA specializes in pipe support equipment for power plants, Petro-chemical, oil, gas, LNG, renewables & water treatment industries.

Quality Assurance. Prompt Service. Quick Delivery.

Interflex bolsters the expertise of our trained and skilled technical sales engineers to provide solutions for every application. And has an excellent warehouse facility that carries large stock inventory ensuring prompt service and quick delivery to our customers. Our strengths lie in having world-renowned products, large inventory and vast industrial engineering expertise.

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