Torquing Tools, Hydrotest Pumps & Tube Expanders

Cutting-Edge Industrial Tools

Interflex is a global leader in the distribution of high-quality industrial tools and equipment of Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electrical controls for Marine, Ship Repair, Oil & Gas, Construction, Power & Aluminium Smelters.

Innovative Solutions

Interflex is focused on customer service and we have been able to introduce Innovative Industrial Tools & Equipment Solutions which not only solve our customers’ business challenges but also address specific industry needs.

Interflex has collaborated with the industry’s best tools providers for high quality service and reliability.

Torquing Tools

NORBAR is recognized globally as one of the world’s leading specialist in torque control tools and equipment.

Hydrotest Pumps

RICE HYDRO INC - One of the leading manufacturers of most versatile hydrostatic test pump on the market.

Tube Expanders

TECO is the leading manufacturer of Expanders, Cleaners & Accessories for boilers, condensers & heat exchangers.

Quality Assurance. Prompt Service. Quick Delivery.

Interflex bolsters the expertise of our trained and skilled technical sales engineers to provide solutions for every application. And has an excellent warehouse facility that carries large stock inventory ensuring prompt service and quick delivery to our customers. Our strengths lie in having world-renowned products, large inventory and vast industrial engineering expertise.

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