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Our service group consists of highly qualified technicians and engineers specialized in Expansion Joints. Our highly competent engineers can identify potential expansion joint problems before they become critical, saving you valuable downtime and manufacturing costs.

On-Site Services

We have extensive experience across major Oil field and Industrial shutdown projects. In addition, our range of Onsite services includes:

Inspection, Installation and Repair of Expansion Joints

Interflex joined with MACOGA offers on-site service teams to assist customers in expansion joint inspection, installation and repair for a wide variety of industries including power generation, nuclear, steel, water, wastewater, chemical / petrochemical and refineries. Our site Staff of expert technicians provide needs-based and solution-oriented services for any specific need of each plant or customer.

Our team is very skilled in pipe expansion joint design as well as replacement. Our service is also available on demand, if the current product has failed or needs to be replaced. Equivalent and similar expansion joints of other manufacturers can also be designed and produced, especially during critical times. We provide Premium Replacement Service for the time constrained issues that arise and the tests are completed per customer’s request for quality and performance assurance.

High Performance Delivered

An in-depth knowledge of products and technology enables Interflex to conduct Inspection, Installation and Repair of Expansion Joints that ensure seamless operations and safety, which helps industries to generate Greater Efficiency, Peak Performance, and lower Operating Costs.

Bolting & Hydro-Testing

Topnotch Bolting and Hydro Test Pumps

Interflex offers world-class On-site Bolting and Hydro-testing services for major industries which include Oil & Gas, Power generation, Cement plants, Civil, Mechanical construction & maintenance. Our on-site services package combines the expertise of our highly trained and experienced crews with the high-quality reputation of our products.

We provide a wide range of quality torque wrenches, hydraulic tensioning tools and Hydro-testing pumps all of which are regularly serviced and maintained by our complete repair and calibration processes. Our experienced representatives will work with you to determine the most cost-effective solutions for the job required.

Unparalleled Services

We carry out On-site services ranging from a simple job to major construction and maintenance shut down projects. Our record and experience in the past working with many major multi-national companies is the best and our crews have established an excellent reputation for meeting critical time deadlines, even in the most demanding conditions.

Our on-site service crews have received many verbal and written testimonials for their excellent performance and copies of the same are available on request.

Interflex is very proud of its excellent reputation and expertise for carrying out efficient, safe and competitively priced on-site jobs within the client specified time limits.

Quality Assurance. Prompt Service. Quick Delivery.

Interflex bolsters the expertise of our trained and skilled technical sales engineers to provide solutions for every application. And has an excellent warehouse facility that carries large stock inventory ensuring prompt service and quick delivery to our customers. Our strengths lie in having world-renowned products, large inventory and vast industrial engineering expertise.

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