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Comprehensive Pipe Support Solutions

The industrial Pipe Supports and Hangers from PIHASA-Spain are particularly relevant when there are thermal movements due to high or low temperature operation conditions. PIHASA specializes in pipe support equipment for power plants, Petro-chemical, oil, gas, LNG, renewables & water treatment industries.

All the products are meticulously manufactured to meet the highest standards in the industry. In addition to the wide range of high-quality industrial pipe supports and hangers, PIHASA offers and supply custom options, other complementary products like strainers, anchor bolts and miscellaneous piping specialty products backed by skilled engineers.

Greater Flexibility and Support

Pipe Supports and Hangers are devices that transfer the loads from the pipe or the structural attachment to the supporting structure or equipment. They include rod hangers, spring hangers, sway braces, turnbuckles, struts, anchors, saddles, rollers, brackets, and sliding supports. Structural attachments are elements that are welded, bolted, or clamped to the pipe, such as clips, lugs, clamps, clevises, and stops.

Supports greater amount of load

Flexible and Practical Designs

Professional Advice and Troubleshooting

Types of Pipe Hangers and Supports from PIHASA​​

  • Special and custom fabricated supports​​
  • Variable Spring Supports​​
  • Special and custom fabricated supports​​
  • Constant Spring Supports​​
  • Thermal supports for high temperature service​​
  • Hangers
  • Sliding plates for pipe and equipment supports​​
  • Struts
  • Shoes, U-Bolts & Components for guides and anchors ​​
  • Hydraulic Snubbers​​

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