2019 MIT Petrochemical Conference.

MACOGA, together with the leading companies Therman (Refractory Lining and Insulation specialists) and IDESA (one of the most recognized companies in the design, fabrication and supply of static and modular equipment worldwide) is organizing and participating in 2019 MIT GIJON, our every three-year Petrochemical Conference on FCCU’s Expansion Joints, Pressure Vessels and Refractory.

This event will take place in GIJÓN, Asturias, Spain on the 7th and 8th of May 2019.

Participants belong to the major Oil & Gas refineries and in this second edition, we have invited to join us world-leading companies in industrial equipment fabrication and turnarounds with the purpose of getting each other updated in our business area and, on top of that, making special focus on innovation and the most advanced services.

We will provide a high-level technical forum in which key players in the global petrochemical and refinery sector will meet to share knowledge and learn about best practices and the latest advancements in this developing sector of the oil and gas industry.

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